School Principal Message

Smt. Madhumathi Damodaran

Dear All! Every school nurtures an ambition. When I use the word AMBITION, I use the word with an understanding that an ambition must always be one inch above our ability to grasp. I do not think getting a 100% pass can be an AMBITION, for that is very much within the grasp of my students over here ably guided by their intellectual guardians. The AMBITION, or the dream I have for the school is to ensure that in the years to come, every student while recalling the Alma Mater, should think of her as an abode that nurtured the human talent in him/her, making the individual realise the divinity already hidden in him/her.
I am sure, we, the administrators, the staff, the students and parents shall make every effort to make this campus a haven of peaceful man making.

Madhumathi Damodaran